Wednesday, April 13, 2011

About Us

We are the all informative bloggers of Indianapolis, Indiana. We blog about anything and everything, yet have one thing in common: our love for the Circle City. If not a love, than at least a liking great enough to keep us from moving to warmer, more consistent climates.

Think of this site as a sort of hub for bloggers in the Indianapolis area. We will also frequently have posts about upcoming events and activities. So feel free to browse our blogs and make yourself at home.

Learn more about some of our members below. If you're already an IB Member and would like to see your blog on this list, send an email to

Indy In-Tune
Phil The Void
Cleis Design
What's Up Fagan's
Drawings in Motion
Distracted by Something Shiny
Hoosier Beer Geek
Tracy T. Hall Photography
Dazed and Confuzed From Here
Stephen Coley
Andy Chen Photography
Mili Walker Fine Art and Children Photography
The IndyScan Blog
Something Monumental
Photo A Day: Project 365
Bombardment Society
Short Attention Span Theatre
Ordinary Days
Permanent Qui Vive
The Fourth Frog Blog
That Plus Size Girl
The Tale of Going Natural
Eternal Lizdom
The Lazy Christian
Parenting, Politics, & Religion Blog
Moosh in Indy.
Commentary Track
IN[dy] Girl in Love
The Bass Geek
Mom For Less
Physician's Wife
The De-Evolution of Man
La Corredora
Life In The Shadows

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