Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Indianapolis Blogger: Indy In-Tune

A podcast and accompanying web community dedicated to news, tracks, interviews, artist spotlights, and commentaries from Central Indiana's music scene that can be found at

To change the mindset and tastes of the average music listener in Indianapolis from "corporate cookie cutter drone listener" to "local independent artist evangelist."

Company Overview
 New media production, artist showcase, event management/promotion, venue marketing/PR

1. A web community dedicated to serving the central Indiana music scene through news, tracks, interviews, artist spotlights, and links to essential resources (

2. A podcast available via free subscription on iTunes (, Odeo, Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle, and everywhere fine podcasts are found.

3. A free tool for local artists to get their name and music out there to the masses on the Internet.

4. A resource for music fans seeking to purchase or watch quality musical entertainment from local, independent artists or just learn more about their local music scene in general.

5. A permanent record and future time capsule of the Indianapolis music scene.

6. A suite of marketing services dedicated to helping venues to expand and promote their business through the use of live music, new media production, and social networking, as well as more-traditional marketing tools.

Indianapolis Blogger: Phil The Void

This blog has a lot to do with Indianapolis, local restaurants, technology, and Phil!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Cleis Design

cleis091710-1638-blogCleis Design is a one woman design shop, fronted by graphic designer, Jennifer Hughes. She specializes in brand development and championing all that is good and unique in the world. Jennifer often collaborates with other designers/artists/marketers/developers/kindred spirits to create work that is unique as well as functional in the commercial and art world. Feel free to  look at her portfolio, resume and the rest of the site. For questions and requests for quotes – please e-mail

Cleis Design