Friday, October 21, 2011

Indianapolis Blogger: Specs

About Me:
An Indiana boy trying to make his way in this crazy world. Music writing, music making, life living, guitar playing, whatever creative juices I can get out there. And these are my blogs:

Music Music Music

For this blog, I post my thoughts on all things music. I give out music reviews, music suggestions, concert reviews, and just random musical thoughts. Every Wednesday, you can look forward to a music podcast hosted by me. I sometimes will have guest on, but for the most part, it's a short and informative podcast. I hope to gain musical knowledge through other bloggers that will follow me, and I hope you'll get some new musical taste with my blog.

Put Me In Coach
Being the sports fan that I am, I always found myself talking to the sports talk radio stations in my car while listening. I have my thoughts on things that were being said, and things that weren't being said. So what better way to get those thoughts out than in this blog. I will cover the local teams, such as the Pacers and Colts, but I also love to give my takes on national stories making sport headlines. Once again, a podcast is attached with my blog, and that will be featured every Saturday.

Voice of the Voiceless
I remember it still today. It was April 1992 and my family was sitting at the Hoosier Dome waiting for Wrestlemania 8. I would get to see my hero at the time, Hulk Hogan square off against Psycho Sid. I remember the match. This weird guy, Papa Shango, came out and helped Sid beat up on Hogan. Then the Ultimate Warrior's music hit, and he's running down the ring to save Hogan. They clean house, and the match is over, but I was hooked. I've seen all kinds of eras of wrestling come and go, so I have to spew out my thoughts on the current wrestling scene, which is what I use this blog for. I like to review Monday Night Raw and pay per views. I also like to post up my own storyline ideas.

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Do you go to MOKB shows?

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