Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Upcoming Events

If you have an event that you are promoting and need help getting the word out, you've come to the right place. We know Indianapolis is a great place to call home and we want to encourage people to get out there and live, dammit! So please, let us know about it. Here's what you'll need to do:


1) If you have an upcoming event, send an email to

2) Tell us all of the information that needs to be in a post about your event. Be sure to include any links, graphics, etc. and any specific blurbs you want to see in the post.

3) If you are wanting bloggers to attend your event and then write up a review on their own blogs, this can be arranged. We have done this in the past and always welcome free passes. Please note that giving free passes greatly enhances the odds of bloggers attending your event. Buuuut, it's not required.


Well, basically we can't guarantee anything. Here's what you can hope will happen though:

1) After you send your email, you will be contacted to confirm all of the information is correct and to make sure you aren't yet another steaming hot pile of spam.

2) We will publish a post on the front page of this site, giving all the details provided to us, and encouraging everyone in the Indianapolis area to attend.

3) An email will be sent out to all of our active members so that they are aware of the event. If your event is truly awesome, chances are, one of these bloggers will also write a post about it.

4) You will be astounded as thousands of area residents flock to catch a glimpse of the awesome awesomeness that is your event. You become a legendary promoter and are instantly called into your boss's office where he tells you that you have just been made Chief Marketing Officer and gives you two weeks paid vacation to consider the offer. While thinking about how awesome you are, sipping mai tais on a secluded beach somewhere warm, you meet the significant other of your dreams and decide to stay. You then tell the poor sap who now has your job about the Indianapolis Bloggers and all we did for you so that next time there is an event, he'll know where to turn.

5) Just a reminder that these aren't guarantees; they're hopes and dreams.

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