Sunday, April 17, 2011

Indianapolis Blogger: La Corredora.

Hey guys,

My name's Clara and I've been living in Indy my whole life and I love it. My blog is called La Corredora (Spanish for "the runner"). I'm an ultrarunner and that's all my blog's about- just running. I typically run the least amount of miles during the week (30-60) that I can get by with in order to finish the big races.

My favorite races are the Dances With Dirt (DWD) runs, with Gnaw Bone coming up in May after the Indy mini, and my 2nd attempt to complete the Mohican 100 miles in June (see my first attempt here).

Here's a couple videos from my last DWD races, Green Swamp and Devil's Lake:

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IB Team said...

Thanks for joining the Indy Bloggers, Clara! Hope you have fun in your upcoming races!