Friday, January 18, 2008

Four New Bloggers to "Ring" in the New Year

Sorry for the extended wait on this batch of new bloggers. Things have been a bit hectic and we actually have quite a large list of people waiting to join the ring now. Remember, if you've applied and still haven't been admitted, either something is wrong with your code, or you haven't yet met the requirement of being an established blogger (at least 2 solid months of blogging). Just be patient and keep up the blogging!

Now, on to our newest members. First up is Neastrith, who has dubbed himself "The Movie Slut." Here's a bit of an explanation about what that is and what this blog is about:

Movie Slut: a person considered cinematically promiscuous. "I watch bad movies, so you don't have to."

Boy, I could've used this one before I watched A Walk to Remember.

Next up we have Joh Padgett who brings us the Hoosier political blog Monticello. Here's a bit about the blog:

Monticello is the home of left leaning "liberaltarian" philosophy. The overriding principle of freedom is prevalent throughout and the blog has a focus in particular on Hoosier political culture of the blue persuasion.

And a quote from the title page: "The time to guard against corruption and tyranny is before they shall have gotten hold of us." - Thomas Jefferson

Next is Josh Woody who is a professional recruiter and has started a blog to help facilitate his recruits for internet marketing. His blog is called Web Marketing and here's a bit more about it:

WebMarketingRecruiter is a blog dedicated to facilitating the introduction of talented internet marketing professionals to employers eager to hire such talent!

Last but not least is Jason Marcusan's "idea sanctuary:" Naptown Jams. Here is a blurb that will tell you all you need to know about Jason and his blog:

I’m a National Account Manager at John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Since 1995 I’ve worked in the book publishing industry in sales & marketing. Thanks to Wiley’s leading position in the computer book publishing world, I’ve immersed myself in some groundbreaking technologies. Every day I help sell and promote bestselling brands like For Dummies, Visual, Betty Crocker, MTV, Pillsbury, Webster’s New World, Cliffs Notes, and Extreme Tech. And, I’m fortunate to have partnered with some of the biggest retailers in the world. So that’s what I do. It’s not just because I have to though. Mom brought an Apple computer into our home in 1980, so technology has always been around. And some of my other interests - music, sports, gadgets, friends - have taken on new lives thanks to technology over the years. I like being an information sponge, absorbing what’s what as quickly and efficiently as I can. Naptown Jams is my own little information sanctuary.

Thanks for joining everyone! Be sure to check out what everyone else in this fair city is blogging about. Go Colts...I mean...aww fudge.