Sunday, May 15, 2011

Indianapolis Blogger: Parenting, Politics, & Religion

I'm married to a wonderful man who is my best friend and the father of our two beautiful daughters. I love to cook, hate to clean, and would rather spend time with my family than anything in the world! I love my friends & family, and I love to laugh. Lucky for me, I'm blessed with great friends and family who fill my life with laughter daily!

I moved to Carmel almost three years ago, my friends from Indy LOVE to give me flack about living in Carmel. You can read all about it in my post, Carmelite in Training. To be honest, I'd never even heard of Carmel until a couple of months before we moved here so I had no idea what they were talking about when they first started giving me a hard time! I do love it here though, and I get why they give me heck but I don't mind it.

I love to talk about Parenting, Politics, & Religion, hence the witty blog title, but I don't try to indoctrinate anyone with my opinions. I love when people agree with me but I really love when people (respectfully) disagree with my views!

When I started blogging, I didn't think anyone would read it but I thought it would be a good way to get my thoughts "on paper" so I didn't blurt them out in some inappropriate context, like at my husband's company Christmas party. ha! (true story!) Now that I have a few readers (very few, but I'm not greedy!) it's a bit addicting! Having readers who don't know me well does make me worry sometimes, I don't want anyone thinking I'm a bitter, crazy, conservative nutjob! I tried to clear that up in Words Hurt, Lisa. That's also why I changed the tag line in my title to say "Passive aggressive ramblings of a sarcastic housewife where humor trumps fact-EVERY time!" It used to say "Agree with me or leave!" nah, I'm just joking!

One of my favorite posts, to date is Should I Get Out of Here? I laughed hysterically living it, writing it, and everytime I read it I laugh again! I also enjoy rereading each blog I've written about the Carmel PD and of course all that I've written about my beautiful babies.

I find my blog to be a very cathartic place. I also love that I have a journal of things that I think are important in our day to day lives. I get excited thinking that it may make someone laugh, smile, or really think. I hope that when others read it they have one of those reactions and I'm honored that Indianapolis Bloggers has accepted me and I invite you all to read it and COMMENT, seriously, the comments are good for my ego!

Parenting, Politics, & Religion


Anonymous said...

Best blog on net!! I'm not bias either, we have never met before. *wink*wink*

findingpiece said...

You know...all folks in the Indy area should read this...they have a celebutaunt among them. ;) This is super cool!!!!

You GO girl! I love me some Parenting, Politics & Religion which equates to...I love me some, Lisa, Keith, Hadley and Lydia! ;)