Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Indianapolis Blogger: Gottahavacuppamocha

About Michael Hawkes

Michael Hawkes lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he works as a computer technician at a university. Outside of work he watches movies, composes haiku, takes photos, and searches for the ultimate cafe mocha.

About Review Haiku

After getting a Netflix subscription a few years ago, Michael (a/k/a lafnlab) decided to review them on his blog Knowing there were already lots of blogs that do movie reviews, he decided that reviewing them in the form of haiku would be an interesting gimmick. While it remains to be seen if it’s a successful gimmick, haiku have the advantage of being short, and therefore easy to write.

In March of 2010, he self-published the first 500 Review Haiku in a book.

Current projects


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