Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Indianapolis Blogger: Mili Walker Fine Art and Children Photography

Hello! My name is Mili Tepavac-Walker, born Milica Tepavac.  I am a European, award-winning photographer, specializing in children's and portrait photography and I'm the owner of Mili Walker Photography (www.miliwalker.com).

In January 2011, I came to the United States on a simple tourist visit, and have ultimately stayed in the U.S. pretty much by accident! I met my husband, fall in love, we got married and now we are expecting a baby - little Jude Nicola Walker!

We moved from Chicago to Carmel, IN in January 2012 and I'm so happy to be part of Indy community.

My blog is mostly about photography, but sometimes I feel free to put my thoughts pretty much about everything that inspire me or irritate at that moment (including movies, music, health insurance, taxes etc)."

Some of my most popular blog posts are:

Mili Walker Fine Art and Children Photography

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great blog, congratulations from Spain. I will recomend it.