Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Indianapolis Blogger: Tracy T. Hall Photography

Photography has always been something I have been interested. I was introduced to photography at a very young age when my mother used to use her camera to capture moments of us when we were children. She also worked at a local newspaper and used her photography skills at times. She taught me to be creative and how to spot an opportunity worth capturing in the most unusual moments. I grew up with my father constantly behind a camera. He also enjoyed photography as a hobby. He taught me to never leave my camera at home and to take a photo at every moment a photo could be taken.

I started to research, read and take classes in photography, photo editing and Photoshop right before my husband deployed to Afghanistan for a year. In that time I also photographed and edited over 20,000 photos of over 50 families, life events and children. It was an opportunity to focus and develop my art and craft I learned years ago in college and growing up, to set aside the time to devote hours to reading, refining and learning.

My style is is unique and fun. I enjoy capturing photos that are candid, cherished and creative. I also like to photograph in the more formal fashion with posed looks. However, I avoid the common photographed poses like a forest backdrop (why not go to the forest instead?), a baby in a metal tub with a duck, the standard maternity photo with the hands in a heart shape… name a few. I also look at ideas for interesting photos and keeping my perspective fresh and take full input from my clients before, during and after the sessions.

Tracy T. Hall Photography
Tracy T. Hall Photography

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