Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Indianapolis Blogger: Eternal Lizdom

I'm Liz. And if you are new to Eternal Lizdom (or if you are an obsessed stalker fan), you might want to get to know me a bit from my previous posts. Given that there are over 1,000 posts on this blog, it would be time consuming to read through everything (but a big gold star to anyone who does!). I'm hoping to make it a little easier for you by sharing a bunch of links that maybe show who I am and what I'm all about.

I consider myself a life blogger. I wear a lot of different hats so I can't imagine pigeon holing myself into one of those niches. Mommy blogger, fitness blogger, relationship blogger, photo blogger, Christian blogger, and so on.

We live in Indiana in a suburb outside of Indianapolis. My husband and I met in 2001 in community theatre. We were married in October 2003. We both work full time- he is an IT guy and I'm a corporate office worker. We have 2 kids- Teagan was born in 2005 and Zach was born in 2007. We have 1 pooch- a senior toy poodle named Sassy.

That's the basics, I suppose. Here are some of my favorite posts and some of my readers' favorite posts. Enjoy! And I hope you'll become a regular- feel free to jump in with comments or e-mail me. I blog because I love the connections to other people so I'd love to connect with you!

The best way to get to know me is by reading the series I wrote on how I "do it all."

Life of Lizdom - Part 1

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Life of Lizdom - Philosophy

Life of Lizdom - Practicality

The Big Secret

And these are posts I've written that either really speak to who I am or that tell you more about me.

I'm passionate about self esteem and loving yourself and the messages we send to our kids.

I am very honest about parenting- one of our hardest battles was when our kindergartner started bullying kids in her class.

I'm a survivor.

I'm passionate about my faith and it leads me on a path of love, respect, and equality- for all.

I am a runner- albeit a slow one.

You are always welcome to e-mail me if you want to get to know me better!  Thanks for stopping by!

Eternal Lizdom

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