Monday, September 11, 2006

TWO New Bloggers and a Colts WIN!

Congrats to the Colts on a sloppy win last night. A win's a win I guess.

And, a big welcome our two newest members: Mike and Kaj!

First we have Mike, First we have Mike, First we have Mike, who brings us a very unique blog called, who brings us a very unique blog called, who brings us a very unique blog called,"Searching, Searching Searching." About Mike's blog:

"Well, it started out more as a quest. Just to find the things I like to blog about. Over the summer it has morphed into a blog about Air Shows and the Air Races in Reno, where I grew up. I have no idea what I'll blog about during the winter, but I'm sure we'll find plenty here in Indy to talk about, probably the Pacers and Colts, and other happenings. I'll hit the occasional tech stuff also (since I work in IT), but there seems to be so many tech bloggers, I'm not sure I'd have much else contribute there. Who knows? Maybe some of the Indy bloggers will start a good conversation we can link to, and contribute to."

Thanks for joining Mike! I never thought I'd find a guy in Indianapolis blogging about Air Shows, but then again- I never thought I'd find a rollergirl in Indianapolis either. And that's exactly who our next blogger is!

Meet Kaj, and her blog, "Resisting Inertia." She's a member of the Naptown Roller Girls and is a fellow Indy blogger. What her blog's about:

"The sporadic musings of a twentysomething rollergirl, music freak, beer geek, and political junkie in the Circle City."

You know I'm hooked. Thanks for joining Kaj!

Keep spreading the word everyone, and be sure to visit each other and strike up some conversation! Also, Kaj and Mike- If you want a pic next to your link on the sidebar, please email me the url. Otherwise, I may stalk your sites and find my own pic to put up there. Have a great week all! Go Colts!


Kaj said...

Thanks, Arthur!

You can use this picture for me, if you want:

Mike Souders said...

um, when you take most of the pictures, you don't find too many of yourself. Hmm. Let's try this one for now, and I'll see if I can't find something better later.