Monday, September 25, 2006

Two More Indianapolis Bloggers!

We have more Indy Bloggers coming out of the woodworks here. Be sure to say hello to our two newest members: Andy and Shane!

Andy is a photographer and the creator of "What Andy Saw". On his blog, you can read about what Andy did and what Andy saw. Be sure to check out his photography as well. Lots of great photos in there. More about his blog:

"Musings on life as a photographic artist."

That's right. Good thing a picture is worth a thousand words. Be sure to check out what Andy has to say. Thanks for joining Andy!

Our next blogger is Shane. Shane is the brains behind the blog that is, "Shane's Thoughts on Life, Film, and Everything." As the title suggests, here you'll find Shane's opinion on stuff that interests him. Specifically:

"Shane M. White discusses his involvement in the Indianapolis Film Community, the mainstream and indie films that he checks out, and the events that he attends. Shane is also an avid Indiana Sports Fan, and often comments on his thoughts and feelings related to the Colts and the Pacers."

Everyone be sure to stop by and say "hi." Thanks for joining Shane! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Keep spreading the word. Congrats to the Colts (3-0) on a tough win.

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Anonymous said...

THANKS for the add!
I'm super-proud to be associated with cool people, and I've been learning a lot about various subjects on people's sites I've found on here. I hope I don't bore you too much, I often ramble quite a bit...