Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Indianapolis Bloggers Update: Profile Pics

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a great three day weekend and did something non-laborious on Labor Day. If you haven't noticed, we've taken the liberty of adding pics to your links on the left. If you had a picture in your profile, it has been added. If you prefer that your picture be removed, or you want a different pic to be used, please leave a comment on this post. It will be removed ASAP. If you liked things better without the pics, comments and suggestions are welcome. Any more ideas on the site as a whole is also welcome.


shakewell said...

i think the pics look good. it's too bad that column isn't wider, but it's tolerable.

anyway, thanks for grabbing the pic of my site. i knew that's all i needed to do, but...well...i'm pretty lazy.

ps: my name is amanda. i've been meaning to clue you in on that too, but... like i said... lazy. i don't really care if you change it in the listing, but i thought i should let you know.

Arthur said...

Hey thanks Amanda. I extended the column and agree that it looks better. We'll keep it there until someone has a better idea. I changed it to your name too, just so I remember. Let me know if you prefer otherwise. Thanks for the comments!