Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another "Indie" Blogger!

Our next blog addition has everything to keep you up to speed on the Indy music scene and everything else that you could possibly be interested in. Thanks to Chris for being the man behind the magic that is: Indie Christoph. What will you find there?

"You might just fall in love with this blog. We're focused on providing independent music, interviews, and reviews to music fans looking for a new favorite band. We also notify Indy readers of upcoming events and up-and-coming musicians in the local scene."

Make sure you stop in to check it out. I don't care if you are deaf. He blogs and he's from Indy. Enough said.

Thanks to everyone who has joined so far. Remember to visit each other often, leave comments and let your friends know about Indianapolis Bloggers. Be sure to subscribe to our feed!

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