Monday, April 02, 2012

Indianapolis Blogger: What's Up Fagan's

This blog strives to answer one very simple question: What’s up Fagans?

But, first we’ll answer a prerequisite question: Who are the Fagans?

Well, these particular Fagans are husband and wife team Joshua and Katelyn, and their two-year old fraternal twin daughters Alison and Lisa.  Mr. Fagan works at Scecina Memorial High
School here in Indianapolis teaching Mathematics.  Mrs. Fagan stays at home with the girls,
blogs, and creates and sells art on the side (she majored in Fine Arts).
Joshua was born in Colorado, but went to high school in Batesville, IN and attended Indiana University for a while, before transferring to Utah Valley University among other things.  Katelyn grew up in Wisconsin and attended Brigham Young University.  They met while attending their respective colleges in Utah (yes, we're members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints aka Mormons) and have been married for three years.
(To learn even more about us, check out our Meet the Fagans page.)

Our blog was started shortly after we got married as a way to keep our friends and family, spread across the country, up to date on our lives, but has evolved into much more than that.  On What’s up Fagans we not only share what we do, with whom, and when, but also what we think about baby products, movies, books, sports, music, religion, finances, art, pregnancy, parenting, marriage, twins, cars, and much more.

As we discuss various topics we do so with humor and honesty.  We honestly talk about our struggles with money and making ends meet (we’re a family of four living off a second-year school teacher’s salary here people!), with making time for each other, with caring for twins, with dieting and exercise, with staying at home, and with unexpected realities (twins for starters!) and lately with Mr. Fagan’s car accident this last November that has caused a huge amount of stress in our otherwise simple lives.  We share our struggles and offer advice and hope for others who have may be going through similar experiences.  We also solicit parenting and life advice fairly often too as we share our first time parenting ups and downs and newly-wed struggles.

So, please come join us, the Fagan Four, as we navigate our simple, yet complex life with optimism, humor, hope, and faith at  You'll be glad we answered your question: What's up Fagans?

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