Friday, July 27, 2007

Two New Indianapolis Bloggers!

First of all, my apologies for those who had to wait so long to be added to the ring. I've been out of town a lot (and will be again next week) and it usually doesn't take this long. If you're still waiting to be added (there are at least 15 of you), it is probably because:

1) Your ring code is still wrong and hasn't been accepted by RingSurf.
2) You aren't an established blog (less than three months, less than 10 posts a month) and I'm waiting to see if you're serious about blogging, or if you'll be quitting in another month after the novelty of blogging wears off.
3) You are a corporate blog and it is obvious that you are blogging solely to promote your business. We want personal blogs here folks.

Also, if you're fairly new, remember that if you would like a picture to go along with your link on the left column, you need to email me the url of your photo. Thanks!

Okay, now to introduce our newest members.

First off we have Skatterbox, brought to us by Luke Newton. Luke blogs about small business marketing. More about the blog:

Skatterbox Small Business Integrated Marketing Blog: A place for internet marketers to gather and discuss CRM, Web Analytics, Web Design, Database Marketing, Content Management, Google, Yahoo, Email Marketing, and other marketing strategies.

Thanks for joining us Luke!

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