Friday, November 10, 2006

Indianapolis Bloggers Hits a Milestone!

Congratulations all of you IB bloggers out there. We have come to our first milestone. With our newest blogger, who I will introduce after this amazing announcement, we have hit 30 Bloggers! That's right. Our ring is now thirty strong! Thanks for all of you spreading the word. Please continue to do so. I'm convinced we can be a one-stop for every Indianapolis Blogger in the city. Keep it up!

As for our newest member, all I really know is that she likes Yellow Submarines. You'll have to find out for yourself. It's my pleasure to introduce our 30th blogger, Boley. Boley is the blogging brain who brings the beauty that is, "nothing interesting." More about her blog:

"nothing interesting is ironically named because of the pure amount of enertainment that flows from my fingers into my blog. Mostly detailing the daily routine of my existence, I also venture into rants of things I have no control over and discussions of the beautiful."

Everyone go check out her blog for more wit and irony. Thanks for joining, Boley! Be sure to spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Boley. :-) I guess I should have mentioned that I am, indeed, female. Boley is a nickname given to me many moons ago in high school, and I've always just stuck by it.

Thanks for including me in this fabulous ring! Can't wait to go perusing through some of the journals!

~~ Boley (AKA Andrea)

Arthur said...

Doh! That's strike two for me.