Friday, November 03, 2006

Another Indianapolis Blogger!

Our newest blogger has been around the block for a while. It appears he's been blogging since January of 2002! I'm impressed. His name is Michael and his blog is Gottahavacuppamocha. A bit more about Michael and his blog:

He doesn’t own a car, watch TV, or listen to the radio. He is not a luddite, but feels these things are overated and unnecessary in his life. However, he is fond of music, likes movies, and appreciates certain vehicles as works of art. His personal choices for entertainment are books, DVD’s, and the Internet. He also messes around with Blender 3D software, GIMP raster graphics, and Sodipodi vector graphics. Mike also likes to tinker with his website, as it is a “work-in-progress.”

Be sure to check him out and learn more. He's got an awesome blog. Thanks for joining us Michael! Everyone keep spreading the word. Good luck to the Colts this weekend!

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