Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NCAA Hall of Champions

Ever watched the US Open and wondered what it’s like to face a tennis ball hurtling towards you at 90 mph? Now you can find out, by visiting the NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis. It’s packed with interactive, hands on activities, that will keep you and your children entertained and won’t break the bank - so you can still save up for that cruise break holiday you’ve been planning! The Hall of Champions is the perfect attraction for sports fans of all ages, with easy access and plenty of parking.

The Arena

The Hall of Champions has an ‘Arena’ floor, where you can see an exhibition highlighting those athletes that embody the NCAA attributes, as well as a permanent exhibition to encourage young girls to compete in sport – the NCAA History of Women in Intercollegiate Athletics. All 23 NCAA sports are represented in the Arena, with trivia challenges, video highlights and various artefacts donated from colleges all over America. Past champions in every sport are up on the walls, along with their banners. Statues of famous college football players stand around as you test yourself on sporting facts. In total, there are 23 different computers showcasing each sport the NCAA sponsors. Those sports range from the more well-known as basketball, baseball, but then also, skiing, fencing, and water polo. You can watch interviews with different student-athletes telling of their experiences, and how they have gained by being part of the NCAA.


On the second level of the Hall, sport comes alive. There are interactive activities, which place you right in the game with state of the art virtual reality technology. You can find yourself on the mound out on the baseball pitch, with just three strikeouts needed to win. Will you make it, or will you choke? You can try the soccer game activity, where your task is to slot the ball into the net, to take your team to victory. If you don’t make it, just keep trying till you do, then bask in the glory of having scored that winning goal. You can go back to the 1930’s in the retro basketball gym where you can try and shoot a basket, and a tennis ball machine that serves you with a ball at up to 90 miles an hour!

Other Activities

When you’ve finished the tour and played all the sports activities, it’s time to head to the gift shop, where there is plenty of merchandise for sale. If you live locally, you could book a kid’s party at the Champion’s Hall – or even a business meeting. The Hall hosts all sorts of events, and can cater for as many guests as the rooms will hold. School visits are also welcome, and you can book a 90 minute educational and interactive experience, which will teach your class about being a champion on and off the pitch.  Team building exercises are very popular, and a school field trip tour meets Indiana Academic State Standards in Math, U.S. History, Geography, Science and English.

Admission tickets are the cheapest in the White River State Park

Adults - $5.00
Youth - $3.00
Seniors- $3.00
Children 5 & under- FREE

The Opening hours are:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday through Saturday – 10 am – 5.00 pm
Sunday – Noon – 5.00 pm

What are you waiting for? 
NCAA Hall of Champions 

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