Friday, September 09, 2011

Indianapolis Hot Pink Party!

Indianapolis Bloggers recently received a Tweet requesting that we help spread the word about a Hot Pink Party. Well, if there's a Hot Pink Party happening in Indianapolis, then say no more. It sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, and it's coming soon to Indy. So read on and see what it's all about!

The Event:

On September 15, in The Fisbeck Room at 14 West, GlamourGals will be hosting its 4th Hot Pink Party!  Previous parties have taken place in New York and Los Angeles, but nobody knows Hot Pink Parties like Indianapolis.

We know what you're thinking. "Okay, so I agree that a Hot Pink Party sounds amazingly awesome. But, what exactly would I be getting myself into?" Well, glad you asked. Here's a quick blurb from the GlamourGals site:
Guests will learn to make hot pink scarves, purchase raffles, and mingle with special guests and like minded philanthropic, fashionable Indy women while enjoying snacks and spreading awareness.

So the point of the party (and of this blogpost) is to raise awareness about GlamourGals and the community service they provide. Please read on to learn more.

Below are all the specific details about the Hot Pink Party. If you're interested in all the knitty gritty, just click here.

Thursday, September 15th
6:00-8:30 p.m.
14 West
The Fisbeck Room

About GlamourGals:
Imagine yourself 50 years from now. Gosh you are old. You are probably living in some kind of senior home. Maybe most of your friends have already died. Maybe your family is too busy for you. Maybe the highlight of your day is getting apple sauce and Cool Whip for dessert after lunch. Maybe the worst thing is to feel you've been forgotten. And maybe you yourself have forgotten how special you are.

In all seriousness, GlamourGals provides an amazing community service to senior homes all across the country. Their mission statement sums it up pretty well:
GlamourGals is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to inspire and organize teens to provide ongoing complimentary beauty makeovers and companionship to elderly women living in senior homes.

It's something that is very much needed these days and we sincerely hope that Indianapolis will step up and support such a worthy cause.

We're going to leave you with a couple videos and a number of links. Please take the time to visit GlamourGals and hope you can make it to the Hot Pink Party!

GlamourGals Program Overview (be sure to pause and read each page):

GlamourGals Documentary (a short documentary filming the very first GlamourGals makeover):

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