Monday, May 02, 2011

Indianapolis Bloggers Review: "Thor"

Hey Indianapolis Bloggers-

If you happened to be fortunate enough to win tickets to the advance screening of Thor, congrats to you! And a big thanks to The Film Yap for the contest.  To find out what bloggers from Indianapolis thought of the movie, read on.

If you are a blogger in Indianapolis and you see the movie Thor, be sure to write up a quick review on your blog and tell us what you thought of it. Even if you don't watch it till it comes out on DVD. After you've written your post, just send us an email and we'll add a link to your post from this page. So if anyone wants to know what Indy Bloggers thought of the movie, they can come here to find out. Thanks much and keep up the blogging!

Indianapolis Bloggers Review Thor:

Commentary Track - Movie Review Thor (2011)

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Metromix Indianapolis - 'Thor' review

Life in the Shadows - Movie Review: Thor

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