Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Existing Members: Thanks for your support, but...

Hey everyone. First of all, a big thank you to those of you who have kept up the requirements of the Indianapolis Bloggers, despite the lack of oversight and non-contact. You're the best.

This blog started as a way to use a "blogging ring" for people to easily browse through various blogs in the Indianapolis area. Unfortunately, the site used to support that ring has changed dramatically and basically has become a huge advertisement. In short, it is no longer ideal as a means to meet our objectives.

So, there's going to be a few changes around here. Obviously, the template has been modified. There are also new requirements to become a member of the Indianapolis Bloggers. If you're interested in reading those, you can check it out and feel free to suggest any further requirements you think we should have.

As for you existing members, consider yourselves a part of the clan as of today. Once you are a member of the Indianapolis Bloggers, a link to your blog will be forever immortalized on the list at the bottom of this site. Consider this our "thank you" for joining so early. If you want to add a picture to go along with your link, click here for more info. If your blog is missing from that list, let us know and we'll get that fixed for you.

Although we will always consider you a part of us, in order get the full benefit of being an Indianapolis Blogger, you must become an Active Member. Don't worry, it's super easy.

First off, no more junky ring HTML necessary on your homepage. Yay! All you have to do is publish a new post about Indianapolis Bloggers. Nothing fancy is required, just a quick blurb with a link to let your readers know we exist. Then send an email to with a link to your post. That's it! (Of course, we'd be extra appreciative of any additional links you add to any of your blogrolls, homepage, etc. etc. :)

If you're unsure whether you care enough to be an Active Member, click here to find out why we think you should.

Also remember that if you ever catch wind of some type of event that you think we should know about, give us a heads up and we'll help promote it. Click here for details.

Lastly, if for some reason you decide not to mess with all of this, it would be a huge help if you could take the time to let us know why. Just visit our suggestions page. Thanks!


Eternal Lizdom said...

Instead of a post that eventually gets lost in the archives, what about a button that can be displayed?

Eternal Lizdom said...

Also- I just used the random link feature (love the idea) and both blogs that I went to haven't been updated since July 2010 and Nov 2010. Any way to prune the list to active bloggers?

IB Team said...

Hey, thanks for the comments.

1) If you'd prefer to use a button rather than a post, that would be awesome and will work fine, just let us know.

The reason we won't require a button is that many blogs have reached a point where they are trying to establish their own brand and would not want to have a button that doesn't really fit what their blog is about. So with a post, it lets their readers know we exist, then they can get back to what they blog about.

But like we said, a button is a great idea. If anyone has any time and wants to make one, that would be awesome. Maybe a button contest in the future? Either way though, it will not be a requirement.

2) For now the random link feature is purposely featuring sites that have not been updated. They are only being linked to as an example of how the feature works. As existing members become active (and new members join), those old blogs will be phased out. Just needed them for now to show how it works.

IB Team said...

FYI for everyone: we just came across another reason that the button idea isn't ideal for our requirements.

We had one blogger join by adding a link to us on their homepage. Then as soon as they were approved, they removed the link. By requiring someone to write a post, it will serve the purpose of getting the word out there about us. Sometimes buttons and links in sidebars can go unnoticed.

Thanks again for everyone's interest and hope you join soon!

Greg said...

I think its a great idea having a post instead of a link. Got my vote!

Glad to be apart of Indianapolis Bloggers!