Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Mass Joining!

Due to the increase in requests for blogs to join our little community, it's become much easier to accept people in large groups. So, please join me in welcoming our four newest members:

First up is Karissa, who has the blog alphabet by design. Karissa says the blog is, "my thoughts on some words and some words on my thoughts." Here's a bit more about the blog, taken from her about page:

hi. i'm karissa. a twenty-something living in my adopted hometown of indy. i work in communications and my job happens to be to promote the city. my job is pretty fun, but this blog is all my own.

Next is Brian, who is determined to become Indy's Biggest Loser. About the blog:

The journey to being healthier, fitter and leaner by an Indy resident. I share recipes, tips, hints, exercises and my journey!

Next we have the blogging duo of Greg and Allison, who bring us everything nagel. Here's a bit about them and the blog:

We are Gregg & Allison. We met in 1998 when Gregg's band was playing in a little bar called Dad's in the Chicago suburb of Geneva, IL. Gregg dropped his guitar pick and Allison jumped up to get it for him. We were married in Las Vegas in 2001 and celebrated our 7th anniversay this year, and a decade of being together. Needless to say, we're the bestest of friends. We are now living and working in Indianapolis.

Next up is King Tiger, the blogger behind The Tiger's Eye. This pretty much says it all:

One man's view from the heart of the Midwest. Kind of like watching a ballgame thru a knothole in the left field fence.

Last but not least is Carol with Juggling Plates. About her blog:

Perspectives of a feminist mom after leaving a career in IT to stay at home with her kids.

Thanks to everyone for joining! Be sure to check out all the other bloggers in your area and keep up the blogging!

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