Thursday, May 03, 2007

Three More Indianapolis Bloggers!

Three more Indy bloggers are finally joining us today. A few of them were newer blogs and had to wait to be approved, but we're proud to introduce three of our newest members.

First up is Matt. Matt Needs a Job. No, really. He needs one so badly that the name of Matt's infamous blog is, MATT NEEDS A JOB. More about the blog:

Take a walk through the everyday minutia of an unemployed malcontent
in central Indiana. After working as an editor in chief of a newspaper
and a deputy campaign manager, Matt can't even get temp agencies to
call him back -- and he's not happy!

Thanks for joining us Matt! Keep up the blogging, spread the word, and good luck in your job hunt.

Lastly we have one of the worst blogs ever. Bryan gives us all we need to know about sports in his blog, The Worst Sports Blog Ever. More about the blog:

Saving my wife endless hours of boredom by offering unique commentary about one of society's biggest obsessions. A sports blog about the Colts and other various sporting topics.

Thanks for joining Bryan. Everyone be sure to check these new blogs out. Keep spreading the word and thanks for growing our little community here!

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