Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Indianapolis Blogger!

It's time to introduce yet another Indianapolis Blogger! This relatively new blog should give you everything you need to know about digital media. It's name is "Jacob Leffler's Short Attention Span Theatre," and it is brought to you by none other than Jacob Leffler. More about his blog:

"The Short Attention Span Theatre(SAST) is the blog of Jacob Leffler. The focus for the SAST, and of Jacob, is the digital media industry and how it is currently being leveraged to help businesses and people better understand and be better understood. Every now and again it diverts away from that and just engages in outright Tom Foolery, but usually talks about digital media."

So if you've got a short attention span and you're in the mood for some digital media industry info and a bit of Tom Foolery, we've got the blog for you. Be sure to stop by and check out Jacob's blog. Thanks for joining us! Keep spreading the word!

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