Thursday, August 31, 2006

Attention All Bloggers from Indianapolis!!

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Indianapolis Bloggers! It is my hope that we can form a community of sorts to show what we have to offer the blogosphere. I'm looking for creative and informative blogs and hoping that this can be a one-stop spot for anyone looking to learn more about Indianapolis and the fine folks who live here.

Please join the Indy Bloggers Ring and let's get this thing rolling! When you join, you will be added to the ring and I will also place a link to your website on this homepage (below). After you are a member, please send me your suggestions on how to improve this site and the ring. Feel free to format the ring html to fit your preferences, just make sure the basic functions stay the same. I've tried to make it as inobtrusive as possible, but you are free to beef it up if you wish.

Browse around, meet your neighbors, and welcome to e-Indy!

(Comments welcome!)

PS- I promise this ring will not become watered down with advertisement sites. I'm annoyed at the current Indy rings out there and am determined to dedicate this ring to bloggers who actually make interesting posts.

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